Any of our gift vouchers is analogue of discounts and if doesn’t synergize with another discounts and offers! If you have the right to get two different discounts, for example, you have a discount for owner of our steel card 25% for birthday for all members of team and you have gift voucher for one person, so depending on number of players you can choose the most gainful discount for you. For team with 2-3 persons the best way is to use gift voucher for one person, but for team with 4-6 players the best would be discount 25%.

We have 2 different types of gift vouchers: voucher for team and voucher for one person.

Team’s vouchers extend on a paid basis and have different value: 4000 and 5000 rubles.

With this voucher you have full or part pay for the game with its tag price. If the cost of the quest is more than voucher tag price, you need to make payment of the balance of the full amount. But if the cost of the quest is less than voucher tag price, you will not get the difference in the cost.

The vouchers for one person are given to the players by our partners and have a limit of usage.

If the team consist of 2-3 persons, only 1 voucher can be used.

For the team of 4-5 persons it is fine to use 2 vouchers.

The team with 6 or more persons can use 3 vouchers.

All the vouchers has the date of activation and period of validity. If the vouchers are out of validity period, the players can’t use them.

If the voucher has the day or time limits, it means that voucher have to be used only at those days and hours. The players can’t use them in the other time.

The voucher gives the right to go those ZaSov’s quests, which were named in it.


All the gift vouchers are valid only if the booking was made on or by call +7 (812) 333-03-19.