Rules of visiting quest

Rules of visiting quest

1 Access to the gameWe’ll glad to see everyone over 14 years old. Children from 8 to 13 years old can visit a quest only with adults. The entrance is strictly forbidden for persons in alcoholic or drug intoxication.

2 Number of playersYou can visit a quest with team consist of 2-6 participants

3 SafetyIf you have any illnesses, which can become keener in close space, we recommend you to have advice from doctor before the quest, to make sure that taking part in game will not do a disservice to your health.

4 Time of gameYou have limited time to get out the quest-room, depends on which quest you’re going to choose. If you can’t do it during this time, we promise to help you with it:)

5 Passing the questIt is forbidden to use phones or any other technologies in the quest-room. You can put all your things into our cozy storage boxes.Important!We ask you not to rip out cables and not to touch ventilation. You shouldn’t break any stuff in the room. You mustn’t use your physical vigour during the game. Quest essence is in using your observation and logic. In case of breaking any of these rules, we reserve the right to stop the game at any moment, without returning it’s cost.

6 HintsWe don’t limit number of hints, that you can use during the game.

7 Records of passingOnly those teams which haven’t used any hints can participate in our rating of passing quests.

8 Stop gameYou can stop game at any moment without giving a reason by special bottom inside quest-room. Costs won’t return in this way.

9 ConfidentialityZasov’s team ask you not to share details of quests in front of another teams. Also we ask you not to publish this information in social network. We just want it would be interesting for other players as well as to you.

10 FeedbacksWe would be very grateful if you left any comments about our quests, so we can become more interesting and change in better future. You can write your feedback in our VK group.

11 Rules of canceling the gameBooking has to be confirmed by players a day before the game, or in a day of game if you mabe booking for same date. Our administrators will call you for confirmation. Earnest request to point true phone number and e-mail. If you don’t confirm your booking it’ll be canceled 3 hour before the game.

12 Arrival time for questWe ask our players to come 10 minutes before game starts. If you’re late more than 5 minutes, time of your game will be reduced by time of your delay.

Look forward to see you!

ZaSov’s team