1 What is quest in reality?

Quests in reality are the new form of entertainment. It is the amusement, where you and your friends go to the special place. Your main destination is to solve all the puzzles one by one or at the same time and the last door will open. Remember: your time is limited, but we sure, you can do it!

You may read more about quests in reality in the article.

2 How many people can be there in our team?

There can be form 2 to 8 persons in your team, depended on quest that you choose

3 How to play?

You may pay when you come to the quest. When you book two and more quests there can be compulsory deposit due and out administrators will tell you about it in a good time. You may pay by cash or by card.

4 What do we need to take along?

In most cases you need to take only money for pay along.

5 What clothes and shoes are the best comfortable?

Generally you can be dressed comfortable, but if there are special conditions for passing quests, you may see them on the page of booking that quest.

6 What is the cost of the ZaSov’s quests?

The cost of the ZaSov’s quests is from 650 to 1500 rubles per 1 person. It depends on time, day of week and quest.

7 Can we take a meal anywhere?

We have comfortable break area. You can take in on lease. You can order pizza, sushi or anything else for delivery or delegate the task of filing the table with meals to us. Our administrators will tell you all the information with great pleasure with the e-mail info@za-sov.ru

8 My children is only 11. Can they go to the quest?

Nevertheless our quests are higher complexity, your children can come to us! They will get special passing of the quest by the operator for the participants have maximum comfort during all the quest.

9 Are the quests indoors?

Yes, all our quests are indoors. If you want to have outdoors quest, you can write us to info@za-sov.ru and get all the information about our abilities in this way.

10 What is the least age for coming to our quests?

If your children are smaller than that age, you may give us your written agreement and our operator will attend them.

11 How long time does this entertainment take? What time do we need to come?

You need to come about 5-10 minutes before your quest begins for listening to the instructions about quest. Usually quests go on about 1 hour, but they can last to 1 hour and a half. Every our quest has the information about it on the page of our site.

12 We are first-timers and your quests are higher complexity. Is it any good booking them?

Our quests are actually not easy and really small numbers of teams can solve all puzzles and pass the quest without any hints. But first-timers come to us really often, so the operator can give endless number of them to the players. So the players can change complexity of the quest by using hints or not. But remember, the record high means passing the quest without any hint!

13 Why can’t 7(9) children go to 1 quest at the same time? They are little much as 5-6 adults.

Our quests are designed for 6(8) persons. Unfortunately the most numbers of breakages and damage are accounted for by children teams. That is why we can let go into the quest maximum 6 children.

14 Is it necessary to watch the films before passing the quest, if it was based on that film?

Fair play first! So watching films will not give you real advantage. But it can give you more feeling about entourage we tried to do like in that film.

Also, you can read more about the rules. We are waiting for your coming to us!