What are the rooms in reality?

In the last times it is fashionable to pass the quests . But not everybody knows what is this actually . We will try to tell you more about them .

Quest is one of the main category of the computer games where there is the main character . All the moves and actions of that hero are in the only storyline and they are goal-directed . The name of the game is to solve all the tasks and puzzles and in the end the last door will open.

What kind of the quests are there in the modern life ? Quest is a game for small group of people team . Usually , this team is about 2-6 players. They go to the special place . They are closed there . Their main task is to get out from the quest space. And they have to do it for the definite time . It is often situation the quest space is decorated and designed with special technic things for players could feel the storyline of quest better .Every quest has its storyline ,the players need to solve puzzles for storyline moves on and new purrles open. Also ,the quest has prehistory or legend it helps players to tune to-the right wavelength . So, the players have possibility to go to unreal world and become a hero of the favourite book , film,horror , fairytale , adventure or some other place

The playing process means the team work, to understand the line of thinking, to have smarts and dexterity.

Active development of this kind of entertainment brought about some types of reality games:

  • Escape room
  • Quest in reality
  • Performance
  • Action-game
  • Morpheus

Escape room

The main destination is to escape the room for definite time. The payers are closed in the room or space with some rooms. They need to find keys, hints. solve puzzles and (maybe) open new rooms.

Quest in reality

Usually, quests in reality are more difficult than the escape rooms. The quest in reality has its own storyline, the players have to solve. The destination of the quest could be not escape the room, but to perform a mission or to find The Artefact.


This type of the quests specifies by the real actors inside the playing space. Actors can be part of the quest or to influence on the storyline. Some hints could be take only with the contact to actors. The players can be out of touch with reality and believe the game is the reality.


Action-game means the physical exercises. Sometimes they need to pass the assault course or to pull through the gangsters, or smth else. And between the shoot-outs they solve puzzles and logical problems.


The players have no sight and picture to themselves images and surroundings with the touches and sounds. The game is operated by actors or masters. This type of games use all the players’ senses except sight.

Linear or non linear quests

Every type of quests has 2 ways of playing: liner or non linear. You’re asking what are these ways. The answer is below =)

Linear game

You need to solves all puzzles one-by-one. The game can’t move on before the definite action is done or lock is open.

Non linear game

The puzzles in this type of game can be solved at the same time. There could be 2, 3 or more lines of puzzles. This is more difficult and interesting way of playing for experienced escapers.

We hope, this was interesting for you and helped to make a choice. Also you can see FAQ, if you need.

Welcome to our quest and let it be challenge to you!